noc•tam•bu•lous: adj. Of, pertaining to, or given to sleepwalking.

The surrealistic, psychological dark drama feature debut of Kelvin C. Bias

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Robson Junior's Diary
This is my day-to-day cinematographer's diary as it happened:

By Robson G. Junior on September 7th, 2013

Day 1 - October 10th, 2009
We started at 6 am at Coney Island & wrapped up around 12 am (18 hour day) in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Shooting at magic hour, during the day, and during the night too.

Day 2 - October 11th, 2009
We started at 12 pm at a high-rise apartment in midtown, big crew and scenes were bloody sweet, lots of work, and did I say bloody... (Relax! it was fake blood) but it did take a while to clean.

Day 3 - October 12th, 2009
We started at 6 pm at the East River Promenade, great performances by the actors. It was very cold and humid but it was a good day’s work.

Day 4 - October 13th, 2009
We started at 9 am at Central Park, again, great performances by the actors, then after a great lunch another great acting performance at the Williamsburg Bridge.

Day 5 - October 14th, 2009
We started at 5 pm, pickup shots throughout Manhattan, empty streets, windy, humid, great stuff but really really cold.

Day 6 - October 15th, 2009
We started at Greenpoint, Brooklyn, great performance by the actor; the beef was really good, yes! I confess! I stole the food prop afterwards. Come on, I’m Brazilian I can’t resist beef with rice and beans when I see one.

Day 7 - October 20th, 2009
We started at 5 pm at Brooklyn Bridge then after a long walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn we walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the Manhattan Bridge, a civilian almost got “murdered” by the crew members, not murdered but cursed a lot at...

Day 8 - October 21st, 2009
We started at 11 pm at Queensboro Bridge, another big walk (At this point I seriously thought Kelvin wanted me to lose weight) from Queens to Manhattan. That bridge is scary and my feet were sore. But a great workout day.

Day 9 - October 23rd, 2009
We started at 5 pm at a studio in Chelsea. I had the opportunity to shoot some of the best stuff I’ve ever shot, Thanks Kelvin! And as we were leaving I heard that in the same building, the CIA had interrogation rooms, (Gulp).

Day 10 - October 24th, 2009
We started at 5 pm in Chinatown, a scene that is going to look amazing, I thought that I was in China for a moment while shooting it; I even learned how to play Mahjong (Kind of), another great day.

Day 11 - October 25th, 2009
We started 5 pm at a high rise apartment in midtown, then we went to the street to shoot a brief scene, then we took a break to see the Yankees win game 6 (Against the Phillies), then...

Day 12 - October 26th, 2009
... We restarted at 12 am at the financial district in downtown, we got questioned by the FBI when I pulled the tripod out of the case, but no biggie (a little small heart attack but…) after that we went to Queens to shoot a scene in a dinner, and I got two words to describe that, Julian Rozzell. Then we went to the Pulaski bridge to shoot the sunrise over Manhattan, (by that time I was completely sleepy and the camera was on auto-focus). We wrapped the day (days) at 8 am, so (15 hours from sunset to sunrise). Are we Noctambulous? You betcha!

Day 13 - October 28th, 2009
We started about 4 pm at the nightclub Roam near Union Square, some awesome scenes and also some weird ones (specially those ones in the bathroom, anyway…) then we went to shoot a scene in the streets of Soho.

Day 14 - October 31st, 2009
We started at 4 am on the streets of Manhattan, scenes from inside the car, then we went to the beautiful spot between the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge under the FDR to shoot a scene, some guy lost a phone and I returned it (How nice). It was humid and wet. I wrap the principal photography very happy and hopeful for the future.

Day 15 (Additional Photography) - November 4th, 2009
Back in Business!! We started at 5:30pm in Chinatown, shooting some random walking around stuff over there, we headed to Greenwich Village to shot in Thompson Sq. Park, then we came back to Chinatown to do a quick scene. Never seen so many rats before in my life, some are the size of cats, unbelievable... oh yeah, we came back to Jimmy's house and watched the Yankees win the 2009 World Series too.

Day 16 (Additional Photography) - November 8th, 2009
We started in midtown at 11 pm; we shot some walking around stuff from 42nd Street to 55th Street, then some buildings and some other stuff for the voice-overs.

Day 17 (Additional Photography) - November 11th, 2009
We did a time-lapse shoot in Times Square on Veteran’s Day, a very patriotic shoot I may say.

Day 18 (Additional Photography) – November 18th, 2009
I remember that the first AD and me went in the room to shoot an “all-nude love scene” with the beautiful actress (as you do) and then a topless fictitious commercial with another beautiful actress, boy was I uncomfortable! Too many naked bodies for one day!

Screening Day – January, 28th 2011 – Tribeca Cinemas
Keep in mind that it was my very first feature film as a cinematographer so I was freaking out a little bit. I remember arriving at the subway station, going up to the street, then when I turned there it was on the marquee “NOCTAMBULOUS, A FILM BY KELVIN C. BIAS, WELCOME CAST, CREW & FANS.” I started to shout, cry and laugh to a point a passer by though I was crazy! So I crossed the street and saw the posters I had made and the marquee up close and everyone arriving. Man! It was a blast. It is like they say, “You never forget the first time!”

So that was my shooting experience for NOCTAMBULOUS, great people, great filmmakers and great times! Looking forward to shoot Kelvin’s next feature!
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