noc•tam•bu•lous: adj. Of, pertaining to, or given to sleepwalking.

The surrealistic, psychological dark drama feature debut of Kelvin C. Bias

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Synopsis: Caleb Jax wanders the streets of New York in a haze. His wife's death and the suffocating atmosphere of the big city have transformed the once successful Wall Street analyst into a sleepwalker haunted by his inner demons. One night, he meets a mysterious woman who tells him that he has two weeks to find his soul, or he will die. His journey becomes a nightly odyssey in which he meets different characters: a homeless man, a retired police officer and a livery driver. He also contacts his former psychiatrist. However, in an attempt to salve his wounds, Jax falls into an elegiac mix of alcohol and anonymous sex. Can someone still save him, or will he be drawn into a world that lies somewhere between reality and a dream?

Dark Drama/Psychological Horror - Run Time: 79 minutes

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